My new 25 min documentary for Al Jazeera English on the deadly legacy of unsafe abortions in Latin America and the people who are trying to save women’s lives through promotion of family planning.

Link to full online version

I produced, shot and edited Right to Life over February and March this year in Guatemala and Mexico City.

The girl in the photo frame is Lidia Esperanza Carpio, who died from an unsafe abortion in a village near the Guatemalan Caribbean port of Puerto Barrios. Her death left her mother, a poor bread vendor, (right), to look after her four children. Unsafe abortions are a leading killer of poor women in Latin America, where access to family planning is severely limited.

Many thanks to inspirational AJE Witness acquisitions and commissioning producer Jean Garner and also to Claudia Méndez Arriaza for opening call to provider, Natasha Pizzey Siegert for extra camera work and Mónica Molina for help disguising a voice.